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What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a small but strong post used in place of a missing tooth root. The post is planted in the jaw to support a replacement tooth.

Implant treatment normally has two stages. First, the implant is placed in the jaw. Then, once the jaw has healed, replacement teeth are attached to the implant. In some situations, it is possible for temporary teeth to be attached to an implant at the time of fitting.

Implants are artificial, yet they work like natural roots and act as a long-term solution for natural function.

Dental implants act as a support or base for fixing individual crowns, multi-tooth bridges, or an entire dental prosthesis.

An implant is made from biocompatible metals or ceramics and is inserted into the jaw bone using local aesthetic.

At our practice, we are proud to use the highest quality Nobel Biocare or Straumann dental implants, both of which are leading global suppliers in dental implantology. Using their products means we can be confident in our treatment.

Our single tooth implants come with extremely competitive prices and we offer FREE consultations.  See some examples of "before and after" dental implant treatments.


Same day smile with All on 4 treatment

If you have lost all of your teeth, a modern, alternative solution is the All-On-4™ system. This solution replaces your missing teeth with a full upper or lower arch, supported by just four dental implants.

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There’s no doubt that losing all of your teeth, whether through age, decay or an accident, has an enormous impact on your appearance, lifestyle and self-confidence.

Unsecured dentures are a traditional solution which provides limited success. They can be uncomfortable, inconvenient, unstable and they make chewing certain foods difficult, stopping you from eating many of your favourite dishes.

If you have lost all of your teeth, a modern, alternative solution is the All-On-4™ system. This solution replaces your missing teeth with a full dental bridge, supported by just four dental implants.

As fewer implants are needed to support the bridge, your number of visits is significantly reduced and this cutting edge treatment also reduces the need for bone grafting surgery to increase bone volume.

The All-On-4 solution allows our implant surgeon to place prototype teeth the same day as the treatment. These teeth look and feel just like natural teeth and allow you to lead a normal life immediately after the procedure, even allowing you to enjoy the food you love.

To ensure the solution fits perfectly into your lifestyle, you can also select your preferred final prosthetic. For example, a fixed option that provides the highest durability and chewing function, but cannot be removed; or a removable option, which can be removed by you for ease of cleaning.

After a few months healing time, the bridge of your choice will be placed, improving your quality of life and restoring your confidence in your smile.


All-On-4™ implants offer a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Reduced need for bone grafting, as the special tilting of two of the four implants ensures a secure and stable anchorage for the replaced arch
  • Faster treatment and healing time – as there is no need for healing time between surgery and tooth replacement
  • Flexible options – you can choose a final prosthetic solution which best suits your lifestyle
  • Scientifically proven, documented success of the solution for over a decade


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  • Help prevent gradual bone deterioration as they mirror the action of the original root, transmitting chewing forces to the jaw bone in a natural way.

  • Help maintain the health of the bone and keep the jaw in shape. This is not the case with conventional methods, such as bridges or partial prosthesis.

  • Unlike a conventional bridge, the healthy neighbouring teeth remain intact without having to be ground down to support the implant.

  • Doesn’t require extensive care.

  • On healing, implants merge with the body and act like a natural tooth root.

  • An implant-borne restoration looks exactly like a natural tooth and implants are comfortable and convenient.

  • Allow you to regain your quality of life – say goodbye to negative experiences associated with missing teeth, such as self-consciousness, insecurity, and permanent discomfort caused by ill-fitting dentures

See some examples of successful dental implants here

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Are dental implants right for me?


First, you should decide whether implants are right for you.

If you decide to go ahead with treatment, this is what will happen:

  • Implants are put into holes in the jaw with a local anaesthetic. You can opt to have sedation for this procedure also.
  • The implant is screwed or pushed in and the gum is stitched so that it heals over the implant under the gum. The bone then grows round the implant to hold it firm. This takes several months.
  • Implants usually have two sections – the post in the jaw and an extension that is added later when the post is secure. Attaching the extension needs a small cut in the gum above the implant.
  • You might have more than one implant. The replacement teeth might be fixed permanently (like a crown or bridge) or attached in a way which lets you remove them for cleaning (like a denture).

Contact us to arrange an implant consultation and discussion and we will let you know the possibilities. Our team will be only too happy to help you with any questions you may have.


DENTAL Implants frequently asked questions


How long is the healing process?

According to Straumann, The healing phase is between 6 and 12 weeks depending on the individual medical situation. During this period the implant becomes securely attached to the jaw bone through a process called osseointegration.

Stitches are removed after approximately one week. Oral hygiene is vital for successful healing.

As your implant bonds itself to the bone, your dentist and the laboratory partners proceed to make your personalized tooth. This will then be inserted once the healing phase is complete.


What are the materials and surfaces of Straumann implants?

Straumann implants are made from Titanium (commercially pure) – a strong biocompatible metal that is non-toxic, well-tolerated by the body, and lightweight.

One the metal’s most important medical applications is in implants. Those implants made from titanium have been shown to bond very well to living bone and can last for decades.

Ceramic is a metal-free alternative to titanium or Roxolid® implants. Straumann® PURE Ceramic is an ivory-coloured implant made of zirconium-oxide ceramic.


What if I don't have much bone left?

Sufficient bone must be present in order for implantation to go ahead. For patients who have insufficient bone, we will offer augmentation. For instance, if a tooth has been missing for a long time and the jaw has already receded.


Will it hurt?

No, the implant is inserted under local anesthetic. 


Will temporary teeth be placed on the implant? 

This depends on the individual case. If suitable, a temporary restoration may be placed on the implant during the healing stage. 

This allows you to enjoy a natural looking smile early on in the process.